Applications of FY2024 starts from 3/25.
  The user contribution for 2024 is 6,000 yen (1 year).
  • Application will be down via Microsoft Forms. (IMC account required)
  • After application, those who have not applied for one year will receive the amount of the user fee according to the period of application at the email address of their IMC account. Please check the amount and make sure to transfer the money correctly. If you have applied for one year, please transfer the amount of 6,000 yen. However, in the case of special applications, it takes three days from application to decision.
  • The Smart Commuting Survey Study Group has now added questions on the actual conditions of commuting to and from work and a questionnaire on interest in EVs, in order to study the promotion of carbon neutrality, and would appreciate your cooperation. The results of the survey are as follows.
Note: Please note the following.
  • If you have graduated from an undergraduate course and entered a postgraduate course, or if your student number has changed, be sure to sign in to Microsoft Forms and submit your application using the account you used after entering a postgraduate course.
  • If you have submitted incorrect information, please do not re-enter the information but use the enquiry form at the top right of the page and enter the correct information with the subject line and send it back.

    The 2024 Spring Traffic Safety Training Session_
           Student Services Group, Education Office

For 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students Until the academic year 2023, the definition (1) of long-distance commuting to school was changed to "taking more than 60 minutes by public transport" in order to prevent the risk of new corona infection and the spread of infection, but since the new corona has moved to category 5, the normal definition has returned to "taking more than 90 minutes by public transport". The new Corona has been moved to category 5.
Please be aware that this may result in the rejection of special applications for long-distance commuting, even for those who were approved last year.。

*Parking for 1st and 2nd year undergraduates
The parking lot for 1st and 2nd year undergraduates whose special application has been approved is South Parking Lot 6 at Gate 4, but this lot is currently used as a construction material storage area and cannot be used.
Therefore, please use any available parking spaces other than the South 6 car park at Gate 4.

Notes on Application Procedure

How to Apply

  From links below or menu above, go to relevant application page to apply.

For those wishing to apply from
March 25 to April 15
For those wishing to apply after
April 16


  ● Bylaws concerning school-premise traffic on the HU Higashi-Hiroshima Campus (Page opens in
    new window. Japanese only.)
  ● Higashi-Hiroshima Campus parking area map (Page opens in new window.)

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